Depleted Uranium: A War Crime

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If this doesn't make you sick, you should seek immediate psychological help.
These deformities are the product of Depleted Uranium used by the U.S. & British forces in the Gulf War.

Depleted Uranium is primarily Uranium238 that is what is left over from the production of nuclear weapons and fuel for nuclear power plants. Uranium238 is a heavy metal and as such is highly toxic. It is also slightly radioactive. Depleted Uranium (DU) is contaminated with other heavy metals including Americium, Neptonium, Plutonim, the most toxic material in existance. DU is used in nearly all US & British weapons. In fact, because the safe storage of DU is quite expensive, the Department of Energy has given it away to several countries, primarily for weapons production. When a shell containing DU hits a target, it slices through steel like butter, but more importantly, it burns, producing extremely fine particles and produces so much heat it explodes. The result is a contamination of the vehicle or housing with extremely fine toxic matter and also contaminating the surrounding environment. These small particles can then get into the water and food chain and when ingested in water, inhaled, or eaten a a food contaminant, it's toxicity as well as it's radioactivity will produce some of the results seen above. Furthermore, since Uranium238 has a half-life of 4.5 million years, the damaging effects to Iraqi population will last for about as long as the planet has been in existence.

There can be no other conclusion than that is genocide, a war crime, and a crime against humanity. Furthermore the U.S. military knew before the Gulf War that there would be serious medical effects from DU, but used it anyhow. They dumped 350 tons of DU on Iraq. It is continuing to use it in all of it's many conflicts - Afghanistan, Iraq, Phillipines, Palestine, in addition to those it's already used them on - Iraq, Kosovo, Vieques

Now that you know the ovens have been lit and the gas chambers readied and the innmates are being shoved in, what are you going to do?

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