001.JPG 384x256
Lindsay's media attracting sign
004.JPG 384x256
Work for a Nonviolent World with child
014.JPG 384x256 015.JPG 384x256
Bread & Puppet group resting before start of march
016.JPG 384x256
Some of the crowd before the march
053.JPG 384x256
Sign created by Upper Valley Peace & Justice Group
060.JPG 384x256
The Real Axis of Evil
065.JPG 384x256
Some of our group in Wahington after the rally
021.JPG 384x256
The march gets started
022.JPG 384x256
More of the start of march
024.JPG 384x256

025.JPG 384x256
Bread & Puppets on left, Brattleboro groups great sign
026.JPG 384x256
More Bread & Puppets as we prepare to start march


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