People's Assembly of Vermont

On March 20 there was a meeting in Room 11 of the Vermont State House of a People's Assembly Against the War.

Here are the resolutions passed by the People's Assembly for Peace held at the Vermont State House. The Resolution titled "Impeachment Resolution" was the first to pass by a margin of 3:1 (119:35). [At least one of the No votes, mine being one, were due to confusion about voting to cut off debate on wording or amendments - Ed.] Please consider using these resolutions, or some of them in your own assemblies. Our message is that the people are reasserting their sovereignty as the democratic institutions of this nation are failing us, and that this war is the most recent example.

The documents in HTML form:
Impeachment Resolution

The following are links to the Resolutions in Microsoft Word, which you can download or view. On some browsers you may need to do Shift-Click to get option to download rather than attempting to open directly.


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