Current Events

Ongoing Vigils

hello, a quick update of events in the coming week or so and a draft agenda for our meeting thursday 4/17, 7pm in the church on thetford hill.
1. our meeting agenda
2. meeting about cd in montpelier monday
3. Howard Dean in NH on fri, 4/19
4. burlington rally 4/26
5. 4/28 Isreali Refusnik to speak in hanover
1. for our meeting tonight (unless you are reading this note late wednesday...)
* discussion on media covering our activities (tabled from last meeting)
* films project ­ what to show on the 4 Thursdays in may and june
* overview from nonviolence training
* update on DemNow! Campaign
* update on schools panels
* peace academy review
* USA Patriot Act project proposal
* discussion of attacks on peace activists in Israel and FCC changes

2. meeting to discuss civil disobedience: Monday, April 21 at 7:30 at the Unitarian church on Main St. in Montpelier, in the upstairs room above the kitchen. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss CD in a context of a larger campaign. With the shooting war coming to an end, we need to talk about where we go from here and how CD might or might not be appropriate at this time. [as per Joseph Gainza and VT AFSC]

3. are you free tomorrow (friday) to do some bird-dogging in NH? Howard Dean will be around southern nh. Friday, April 19
PORTSMOUTH -- Gov. Howard Dean, reception at One Harbor Place, Portsmouth, 7:30 to 9 am. Coffee, donuts, and Passover macaroons. RSVP to Barbara Tsairis, 431-4999.
DURHAM - Gov. Howard Dean speaks to students at 11 am and eats lunch with UNH faculty at noon in the UNH Memorial Union Building.
EXETER --- Gov. Howard Dean meets with people at Riverwoods Home, 2 to 2:45 pm
Suggested questions:
* The Bush Administration has publicly adopted a policy of nuclear weapons superiority, developing and deploying new nuclear weapons, and using them in first strike attacks. What would you do to get our country back on the course toward non-proliferation, multi-lateral arms control, and elimination of nuclear weapons?

* The U.S. military budget now exceeds $400 billion a year, more than the world's next thirty biggest military spenders combined! Meanwhile, people here are losing medical coverage, educational opportunities, pensions, and can't find affordable housing. What would you do to balance federal spending priorities and give us real security?

* The Bush Administration's policy of pre-emptive war is not only a prescription for war without end, but also creates a dangerous precedent for regional conflicts in the Middle East, South Asia, Russia, and Africa. What would you do to un-do the damage caused by the Administration's militaristic unilateralism?

and don't forget out bird-dogging mini-workshop on thursday the 24th, 7pm at the Hanover Friends Meeting

4. April 26th Anti-War Rally in Burlington in front of City Hall (this is a change from 4/19... still no details but will keep you posted...)

5. 4/28 Israeli Refusing Reserve Combat Officer to Speak in Hanover at Dartmouth College, Carpenter Hall room 13 at 4:30 pm and at Roth Center for Jewish Life, 5 Occum Ridge at 7:30 pm. Major Stav Adivi is the highest ranking officer among the 520 reserve combat officers and IDF soldiers who have signed the statement declaring their refusal to "continue to fight beyond the 1967 borders in order to dominate, expel, starve and humiliate an entire people." He believes in the existence of Israel as the national homeland for the Jewish people, and he has and will continue to work for the safety and security of Israel. He believes, however, that the occupation does not serve this goal, and he refuses to be a part of it. So far 40 of the refusers have been jailed.


here are some things coming right up, here in the upper valley and a little further away. don't forget about our regular vigils -- they are a very important form of witness, now more than ever!
our next regular meeting is next thursday, 4/17, 7pm at the church in Thetford.

1. poets for peace! saturday in norwich
2. free concert saturday in hanover
3. a reading of "the moon is down," sunday in norwich
4. patriots for peace rally, saturday in concord nh
5. US out of Iraq rally, saturday 4/19 in burlington vt
6. a change in venue: Democracy in Action workshop, 4/24 in HANOVER (not thetford)
7. video series - second and fourth thursdays in May and June, hanover
8. Town Meeting with Bernie Sanders on corporate control of media 4/14, 7:00p St. Michael College

1. Poets for Peace -- saturday April 12, 7:30 at the Norwich Public Library. Ilya Kaminsky, author of MUSICA HUMANA (Chapiteau Press, 2002) and co-founder of the organization Poets for Peace, which has organized more than a hundred readings across the U.S. to raise funds for humanitarian work, will be featured in this benefit reading. Sharing the stage with Ilya Kaminsky will be Brownsville, Vermont poet Peter Money, author of FINDING IT: SELECTED POEMS (Mille Grazie Press, 2000), who will read from his own work and that of contemporary Iraqi poet Saadi Youssef, author of more than thirty books and one of the Arab world's best-loved authors. Admission to the reading is free, and donations will be encouraged to support the educational work of the Upper Valley Peace & Justice Group (us!) and the international medical-aid teams of Doctors Without Borders.

2. "A Concert for Effective Nonviolent Action," a free concert on Saturday at 4:30 at Faulkner Recital Hall in the Hop. It aims to support effective nonviolent action as well as to perform beautiful music. there will be information tables for groups working for nonviolence.

3. Call for a reading of John Steinbeck's play, The Moon is Down, Sunday April 13 2pm, at the home of Antoinette Jacobson in Norwich. This play written in 1942 as a propaganda piece for the Americans and their allies against Nazi Germany is a moving account of how war brings forth war. Steinbeck wrote it as a work of fiction and chose an anonymous setting. A peace loving country is suddenly invaded. The citizens at first surprised and confused slowly turn against the invaders as they are taking away their freedom. The invaders wanting to be understood and loved bcome tight, fearful and angry...
Please come and bring your own beverage and please confirm to Ulrike.G.Von.Moltke@VALLEY.NET or phone 802-649 2205.

4. Saturday, April 12: Rally and Vigil in Concord
"Patriots for Peace Rally" saturday 4/12 on the sidewalk in front of the State House
3-4 p.m. Visibility action plus an open mic and possibly music. Please email if you're interested in performing. People with percussion instruments ets. are invited for the first hour.
4-5 p.m. Speakers TBA
5-6 p.m. Vigil (as normally scheduled)

5. The Burlington Anti-War Coalition has called a "Stop the War/ U.S. Out of Iraq" rally, march and speak-out, April 19th. We need to get all communities in Vermont out, organized and unified to demonstrate to our state officials and the nation that Vermont does not support a war and occupation of Iraq. more details tba...

6. Democracy in Action, aka, birddogging, workshop - thursday 4/24 7pm. "AFSC-NH (and nhpa) has pushed birddogging to the top of their list of priorities for the period from now until next January. Getting this administration out of office and a more enlightened one in is, I feel, really the most important thing we could be doing - in the name of either peace or justice." -- Lindsay
(NOTE: If anyone needs a copy of `Tips for Bird-dogs' or if you know of anyone who wants to be added to the list serve for weekly updates on presidential candidates' schedules, please contact Cathy Haigh at 603-224-2407 or OR, To get a list of upcoming candidate appearances, to submit a bird-dogging report, or get a better idea about what it means to bird-dog, visit Thanks!)

7. video series - 2nd and 4th thursdays in may and june (to complement our 1st and 3rd thrusday meetings) at the friends meeting in hanover. details tba... save the dates for now.

I [Bernie Sanders] am writing to invite you to my Town Meeting on one of the most important and least-discussed issues facing the American people: corporate control over the media and the increasing degree to which a small number of huge corporations decide what the American people see, hear and read. The meeting will be held Monday, April 14, 7:00 PM at St. Michael College in the McCarthy Arts Center. This meeting is being held in conjunction with the Department of Journalism at St. Michael’s College. Needless to say, audience participation is welcomed and encouraged. > > > >I am delighted to announce that Michael Copps, a Commissioner with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), will be the keynote speaker at the Town Meeting. Commissioner Copps, one of the five commissioners at the FCC, has been a leading voice in our country against further deregulation of the media and has gained a national reputation for his outspoken leadership in defending freedom of expression.

okay for now. thanks for all you continue to do for peace, maureen

please know that at vigils and rallies around the country, including our own, groups have been organizing "support the troops" vigils and rallies nearby in what they view as opposition to our message of hope for peace. we will benefit from increased presence and from unwavering respect and peaceful countenance. please come to a vigil if you can!

1. meeting synopsis (project discussions, hard times at vigils, film series?!, bird-dogging training here 4/24, next mtg)
2. vigil schedule
3. a few things (2 poets for peace events, peace academy news, time change for bus to dc on the 12th, an action to consider)

1. meeting synopsis: * mini-meetings have occurred between regular meetings to plan strategies for increasing awareness of the peace option in high schools where military recruiters are very busy, and for mounting an organized effort to get Democracy Now! on VPR. lots of good work is beginning on both fronts and we'll keep you informed as opportunities to participate emerge.

* we discussed the problems that have arisen at our vigils, esp. West Leb, and how we can be most respectful with our signs and in our reactions to the counter-demonstrators.

* films were again a topic for thought and discussion and we hope to organize a monthly video-viewing in Hanover - details tba. if anyone else has films on topics of peace and social justice they would like to share in such a forum, please let me know what you have.

* Arnie Alpert (AFSC-NH) has offered a presentation on Democracy in Action (bird-dogging) for us at the thetford church on thursday april 24 7pm. as the presidential candidates begin courting voters in NH, Arnie can help us develop effective ways of keeping the issues that most concern us at the fore.

** next meeting: thursday april 17, 7pm at the church in thetford.

3. a few items:
* poets for peace - in addition to our own reading at the Norwich library at 7:30pm on the 12th, there will be another in Montpelier on the 18th --
"Vermont State Poet Grace Paley and former Vermont State Poets Ellen Bryant Voigt and Galway Kinnell will join ten poets from Central Vermont reading their work at "Vermont Poets for Peace," on Friday, April 18 at 7:00 p.m. at the Chapel at Vermont College in Montpelier. Sponsored by Bear Pond Books of Montpelier, the event is free and open to the public."

* peace academy news:
To all who are inspired by the vision of a Peace Academy for Vermont, and who want to work to make that vision a reality, please join us for a statewide gathering:

* a note about the bus to the dc rally on 4/12: "There has been a change in the departure time for the bus; We will now be leaving Monpelier at 10:00pm sharp on Friday April 11th. Thank you kindly, Peace, Amie Chaudoir 802-454-9372"

* consider a note *today* to House Speaker Hastert asking him to introduce for vote the resolution revoking the president's authority to wage war, HJ Resolution 20.

that's all for this week -- hope to see you all at a vigil somewhere in our community soon.


this notice is to let everyone know that the upper valley peace and justice group will meet this thursday 27 march at 7pm at the church on thetford hill. this is unusual, as we generally meet the 3rd thursday of each month. so sorry for any confusion last week -- I was not clear in stating that if the war started our vigil would pre-empt our meeting. so very sorry.

here is an abbreviated draft agenda for the meeting:

1. time for sharing thoughts about the war
2. does this change what we do now?
(do we consider direct action?)
3. "people's assembly" report on the impeachment resolution
4. democ now on vpr -- getting Amy Goodman to vt
5. discussion and policy on treatment of press attending our activities
6. we need volunteers to be liasons for VT and NH statewide coalitions -- please!

a lot to cover in 90 minutes!
one calendar item:
On wednesday, 3/26, 7pm, David Culp of the Friends Committee on National Legislation will be speaking at the Friends Meeting House in Hanover. Culp specializes in nuclear weapons policy for FCNL, and there is lots going on in Washington in this area--most of it bad. Should be an interesting event, and a change of focus from Iraq 24 hours per day.


thanks all for the tremendous participation in the bridges events and rally in NYC! we can really take heart that people all over the world want peace above all.
below is a synopsis of the meeting of upper valley peace and justice group last thursday, along with some announcements. our next meeting is March 20th, 7pm, at the church on the hill in thetford. between meetings, don't forget our website,, where you can get lots more information and great links.

1. lawn signs and vigils
2. leafletting
3. virtual march, feb 26th
4. Democracy Now! on VPR
5. banner project
6. March 15th rally and nonviolence training

1. lawn signs! please attend a vigil to pick up your lawn sign ($2). [*if you really can't get to one (imagine!) please see below*] above is the current list of uv vigils -- note our latest addition in S Strafford

okay, if none of these work for you, please send $4 and your mailing address to Gina Sonne, 565 poor farm road, thetford, 05075. she will mail you a sign, just like a giant postcard. you can also reach Gina at

2. leafletting actions are taking place on saturdays after the vigil in west lebanon and on friday, feb 28th, after the vigil on the dartmouth campus. you can also get leaflets for friends, family or to organize your own action by attending a vigil or by downloading them from there are some guidelines there also for how to be most effective.

3. virtual march, wednesday feb 26th! this is another event organized by MoveOn. the idea is to have continuous phone calls coming in to congresspeople on one day. to participate, go to the website and sign up for an assignment and you will be given a time to call your senators and representative. already 85000 people have signed up -- come to the "march" if you can!

4. Democracy Now! is an hour-long radio program that airs weekdays on progressive stations. we are beginning a campaign to get VPR to air this provocative program. PLEASE call the VPR comment line and ask them to carry Democracy Now! if you know anyone on the community advisory board or the board of directors, please contact them as well. stay tuned for more actions you can take as this campaign takes shape. if you'd like to learn more about Democracy Now!, the website is

5. banner project - this project is really just developing but the idea is to hang banners with messages of peace on the bridges that cross I-91. if you'd like to help with this project, contact David,

6. March 15th ANSWER rally -- this one will be in DC, though there may be a simultaneous rally in NYC. we are thinking about an upper valley bus.... mark your calendar and stay tuned. meanwhile, there is interest in doing a nonviolence training locally. anyone interested? please let me know soon. (has someone offered to organize this?)

okay. see you all at a vigil soon,


Film Hidden Wars of Desert Storm, 3:00 PM, Sunday February 2nd, at the Walpole Fire Station, just north of town on the road in from Route 12:

There will be a free public screening of the video documentary Hidden Wars of Desert Storm on Sunday, February 2nd at 3:00 pm at the Walpole NH Fire House on Turnpike Road. Rivers of Peace, a Walpole-based peace education program has arranged this showing to help inform the public about the 1991 Gulf War and what kind of legacy it left for the people of Iraq and our Desert Storm veterans.
This powerful documentary was co-produced and directed by Gerard Ungerman who served several years as an infantry platoon leader before starting Free Will Productions with his wife Audrey Brohy. The result of a two-year investigation, the 64-minute video includes documents never before seen on television as well as interviews with Desert Storm Commander General Norman Schwarzkopf, former Attorney General Ramsey Clark, former UN Humanitarian Program Director Dennis Halliday, archival footage, and moving images recently brought back from Iraq. Acclaimed composer Fritz Heede contributed an original sound-track and the narration is by two time British Academy Award winner, actor John Hurt.
Hidden Wars of Desert Storm explores some of the more controversial questions of the war: Was the invasion really a surprise? Were all diplomatic means really utilized to try and resolve the issue peacefully? Was there any threat from the part of Iraq against Saudi Arabia or any of the other Gulf States? Why wasn't Washington's rhetoric against Saddam ever matched by any real support to the Iraqi opposition groups? What purpose can the embargo over Iraq serve if it is not to weaken Saddam, a result it has evidently failed to achieve to this day? What is behind the mysterious 'Gulf War Syndrome' that goes on affecting thousands of Gulf War veterans and local populations? Hidden Wars of Desert Storm offers insight and answers to these and other lingering questions.


Greetings concerned Upper Valley women and men!

Tomorrow, Friday, starting at 2pm, there will be teach-ins (info below) and a speech by Grace Paley at 5. Dartmouth Hall is the white building on the East side of the green.

In Peace, Adam Wilson

********************** Want to learn more about the most important issue of our time???
Come to the TEACH-INS!!! This Friday in Dartmouth Hall!

----------2:00 pm----------------
Shelby Grantham, English
"History and Techniques of Non-Violent War"
Dartmouth 101
Irene Kacandes, German
"Dehumanization and Scapegoating the Enemy"
Dartmouth 103
Clint Hendler, Student
"Gather your own Facts"
Dartmouth 105
Lee Witters, Medical School
"Anti-War Movements" - Discussion including faculty members Shawn Donovan and Bruce Nelson
Dartmouth 104A

-----------2:45 pm---------------
Irene Kacandes, German
"Dehumanization and Scapegoating the Enemy"
Dartmouth 101
Misagh Parsa, Sociology
"Oil Interests and Intervention: A Historical Perspective"
Dartmouth 103
Anne Sa'adah, Government
"Is Saddam Hussein Another Hitler?"
Dartmouth 104A

------------3:30 pm--------------
David Montgomery, Physics
"Repudiating International Treaties: Why are we doing it and where can it lead?"
Dartmouth 103
Edward Bradley, Classics
"George Bush an avatar of Pericles? Athenian imperialism and Bush's America in 2003"
Dartmouth 104A
Shelley Deane, Government
"The British Viewpoint - Viewing and Discussion of the comedy special video 'Between Iraq and a Hard Place'"
Dartmouth 105
Inspired? Want to join the action?
Follow up the teach-ins with The COMMENCEMENT!!!
Collis Commonground
4:00-5:30pm, this Friday
Main speaker Grace Paley; with MC Janos
Other events this Friday include:
>>Interfaith Prayer Vigil: "Just Peace in the Middle East"
Rollins Chapel
>>Join the Upper Valley Peace and Justice Group at their weekly protest
Corner of the Green, outside Collis


we had a lively meeting last thursday and below are some of the things that came from it, as well as some (many) announcements.

1. brainstorming session #3
2. to the bridges! again!
3. fair and accurate media reporting
4. a couple of new local vigils
5. buses to NYC for Feb 15 rally
6. thursday film in woodstock
7. friday meeting in Montpelier to plan cd
8. fri/sat/sun - a play in thetford
9. fri/sat activities in Concord
10. keep calling...

1. Brainstorming - Next meeting is in Collis Mon at 7p. come prefed and with an open aand creative mind - try to think about ways to have a greater impact before hand.

2. another bridges event here in the Upper Valley! after our unprecedented success on Martin Luther King Jr Day (500 people on 3 local bridges and hundreds more on total 13 bridges in 4 states), we are doing it again. Feb 15, 12-2pm. we'll do the same three bridges: west leb to white river junction, hanover to norwich, and lyme to e thetford. this is a solidarity vigil with the one in NYC on the same day (see #5 below).

3. Media Work: our media working group asks that you please consider going to the website and signing onto a petition asking the organization (moveon) to focus its attention on the media, to get fair and accurate reporting on both peace and military activities. thank you in advance for your help!

4. add to our list of vigils these two: * saturdays 11:30-12:30, Claremont, intersection of Washington and Winter Streets. * thursdays 3-5, South Royalton, on the bridge. * also, there will be an ecumenical prayer vigil for Peace in Rollins Chapel from noon to 12:30PM this coming Friday, January 31. the regular 12:30 vigil in front of Collis will follow. (the full list will be in the next update)

5. NYC rally Feb 15th - BUSES:
Rutland - $30/person, will leave at approx. 4:00 AM from the Depot Park area in downtown Rutland. Please make a check to Central VErmont Peace and send to Chuck Nasmith, 43 Evergreen Ave., Rutland VT 05701. Please either call or e-mail your intentions to Don Gray 802.746.8161, or chuck Nasmith 802.747.4493. Please indicate on the check what it is for, and make sure your address is on the check.

Burlington - $35 Leaves February 15th at 5am from Gutterson Field on UVM campus and returns early February 16th at 2am Call confirm a seat on the bus 802-863-2345 x5 and bring or mail a check Peace & Justice Center, 21 Church St. Burlington, VT 05401

NH - tba.

6. a film by Anne Macksoud on will be shown at the Town Hall theater in woodstock this thursday, 1/30: The Global Banquet - examining the ethical questions at the heart of the globalization debate and showing what farmers, laborers, environmentalists, animal rights activists, church groups and students, here and in the developing world, are doing to address the situation. about an hour, beginning 7:30pm.

7. Citizens Concerned About Violence is calling for a meeting of the Vermont statewide anti-war network to discuss possible direct non-violent action in the state. We are asking people from every local anti war group to come to Bethany Church, 115 Main St. Montpelier on Friday, January 31 at 7:30PM. Housing is available - contact if you think you'll go.

8. Musical Theater Benefit in Thetford
Jan. 31-Feb. 2
Pam: Map of a Country, original musical-theatre piece by Duncan Nichols.
Featuring more than twenty-five local actors, dancers, musicians, and visual artists. 8 pm on January 31 and February 1, with a matinee on February 2 at 2 pm, at the Parish Players' Eclipse Grange on Thetford Hill.
Tickets $10 (first come, first seated). (802) 785-4820 for information.
proceeds will be donated to UVPJG and NH Peace Action.

9. Feb 1 Day of Protest and Celebration in Concord
*Friday 1/31, 6-9pm UU Church, 274 Pleasant St., Concord - Sign and Banner Making Party Music, Soup and Bread Dinner. Bring your creative spirit, your art supplies, your energy
*Saturday 2/1, 10am gather at the Concord UU Church to plan, park, carpool. 10:30 - 12:30 Overpass Demonstration, Exit 16 and NHTI overpasses; sidewalk sign holding, corner of Center St. and Main; March from the corner of Ft. Eddy and Loudon Roads to the Armory. 12:30 -2
Lunch and Letter Writing Party back at the UU Church in Concord

For more information contact Carol at or NH Peace Action at 228-0559.

10. please... keep calling. call daily. call your senators, representatives, the president's comment line, the ambassadors from France and Germany, China and Russia, the UN Sec General. please. all of the contact info is on our own website, thank you.


hello, upper valley peace and justice group. welcome to the many new list-ees -- we are so grateful for all of the interest in peacework in our community! our bridges to peace vigil was wildly successful, over 500 people stood in the wind and crazy cold for two hours (give or take) on our own three bridges, and hundreds more stood on the 10 other bridges involved in the action, crossing the Connecticut River from a-way up here to Hartford CT! thanks all who made it happen, organizers and vigilers and everyone in between.
we have a regular meeting tomorrow, thursday, 7pm at the church on the hill in thetford. a brief agenda is listed below. also below is a list of some of the peace activities coming up in the near future. there is far more than I can summarize for you but the local things are all here and some things a little further away as well.

1. films - 1/23 and 1/30
2. another film - 1/26
3. national day of action - 1/27
4. a play - 1/31, 2/1, 2/2
5. birddogging in NH
6. quick - contact the French embassy
7. rally in NYC - 2/14
8. a list of our ongoing vigils
9. brief agenda for meeting 1/23

1. three award-winning documentaries by our own Anne Macksoud will be screened at the Woodstock Town Hall Theater.
this thursday, 1/23: Arms for the Poor - "it is not about geopolitical's simply about greed and a hustle to the developing world." Arms for the Poor goes beyond politics and economics to ask if the arms business is not killing our national soul. AND Coming to Say Goodbye - personal stories of living the AIDs tragedy in Africa.
each of these films is about 30 minutes and they will both be shown and discussed, beginning at 7:30pm next thursday, 1/30: The Global Banquet - examining the ethical questions at the heart of the globalization debate and showing what farmers, laborers, environmentalists, animal rights activists, church groups and students, here and in the developing world, are doing to address the situation. about an hour, also beginning at 7:30pm.

2. the film "Restless Conscience" will be screened sunday 1/26 at 7:30p at Collis Common Ground. Restless Conscience is a film about the resistance to Hitler within Germany 1933-1945. As Deb (Hawthorne) said, it seemed all too like the current Bush administration.. She highly recommends the film.

3. National Day of Action - Monday 1/27 here are some things to do before and on that day: CALL YOUR representatives on Jan. 23. Urge them to take the following 2 actions to help pull the Administration back from the brink of war. (1) Cosponsor H. Con. Res. 2, calling for the repeal of the war authorization act against Iraq. (2) Sign the Brown-Kind Dear Colleague letter urging Pres. Bush to commit to continued diplomacy and weapons inspections in Iraq. (The deadline for signing the letter is Jan. 23.)

call them directly or call the Capitol switchboard at 1-202-225-3121 or toll-free at 1-800-839-5276! Time is running out.

also don't forget to call Bush and voice your views: the White House opinion line is 202-456-1111 Dear Colleague letters are available at --

AND. for you grass-roots people, flyers, leaflets, buttons and organizing plans for 1/27 are available through NH Peace Action. please contact Carol ( if you want some materials.

finally, check our website,, on contacting some of the UN ambassadors who could use some encouragement.

4. Come see a BENEFIT FOR New Hampshire Peace Action and Upper Valley Peace and Justice Group!
Pam: Map of a Country
A Vermont cleaning lady is swept up with some friends in a skiing mishap and landed "on the roof of the world," in the mountains of Afghanistan . . . !
An original play by Duncan Nichols, with live music and modern interpretations of indigenous traditional dances.
Three performances at the Parish Players's Eclipse Grange Theater in
Thetford Hill, at 8 PM on January 31 and February 1 with a matinee on
February 2 at 2 PM. Tickets are $10, first come, first seated.
Call (802) 785-4820 for more information.

5. presidential candidates for '04 are already beginning to make appearances in NH! would you like to help keep them on their toes by being in their audiences and crowds asking them about their views on war, peace and social justice issues? contact Arnie Alpert,, and stay tuned for a workshop on birddogging coming up in march...

6. Friends, Please call the French embassy to thank them for the opposition of the French government to a war with Iraq. Encourage them to hold fast to that opposition. Tell them that many, many Americans oppose the war and take heart from French opposition. The phone number is 202-944-6000; their fax number is 202-944-6166. Please pass this on to your lists.


8. ongoing vigils:

see at top

9. our regular meetings are 1st and 3rd thursdays of every month, 7pm at the church in Thetford. 1st thursdays are for the deep ecology study group and 3rd thursdays are "regular." this month was different and we have a regular meeting tomorrow, 1/23. here's what's on the agenda: *updates from working groups (media, guerilla theater, etc)
*division of labor - there are many things that keep the group going that can be shared at this point, and we're working on it...
*website - a moment to thank our webmaster, and then share some ideas for keeping the site useful and reflective of the group's work.
*new ideas for activities?



1. jan 13 Dr. Schibel at Burlington College
2. jan 15 civil disobedience
3. jan 18 march against war in Montpelier
4. jan 20 our "bridges to peace" vigil
5. buses to the DC rally on the 18th
6. jan 19 film, "the Trial of Henry Kissinger"
7. jan 21 meeting with sen.Leahy
8. jan 25 nonviolence training at UVM
9. jan 26 Iranian ambassador to speak at Dartmouth
10. help wanted for "Pam" play
1. Monday, January 13

Dr. Karl-Ludwig Schibel, a German sociologist and peace activist will present a report on the European peace movement in opposition to a war on Iraq. He will discuss the recent European Social Forum held in Florence where over 800,000 people demonstrated against the US threatened war. Burlington College, 95 North Ave. Monday, January 13 at 7PM. Free and open to the public. Information: Sandy Baird 862-2001; AFSC 229-2340 Contact or 802-333-9466 for carpooling from Upper Valley

2. Nonviolent Direct Action sponsored by NH Peace Action: On the birthday of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Jamuary 15, people throughout the country will take part in coordinated acts of civil disobedience to prevent an invasion of Iraq. We propose to blockade the entrance to New Boston Air Station with our bodies at 8:00 a.m. that morning, allowing only emergency vehicles to enter the base, both symbolically and really using our bodies to limit the ability of the war machine to function. We will have a planning meeting and nonviolence orientation session on Tuesday, Jan. 14, from 6-10 p.m. at the Unitarian-Universalist Church in Concord. The first hour will be devoted to discussion and planning. The remaining three hours will be devoted to exercises to help prepare people to adhere to our code of nonviolence in intense situations. contact: Sean Donahue • Co-Director, NH Peace Action •

3. Saturday, January 18 - March and rally against the war. meet at the Montpelier City Hall on Main st. at 2:00PM, march to Vermont State House at 2:30. Program of speakers: labor, environment, students, military veterans, music. Join us, we ARE turning the tide! Information: AFSC 802-229-2340

4. Bridges to Peace Vigil
Martin Luther King Day January 20 12:00 - 2:00 pm
3 Bridges in the Upper Valley:
The bridge on Rte. 4 between White River Junction & West Lebanon
The Ledyard bridge on Rte 10A between Hanover & Norwich
The bridge on East Thetford Rd. between Thetford & Lyme
Bring shovels for Lyme bridge (& Rte 4 bridge?)
Contact Heidi Luquer at: or Joby Thompson at 802-457-9296.

5. GET ON THE BUS! January 18th demonstration in D.C.- We have a bus to D.C. for the next BIG anti-war rally. Sign up for the bus as soon as possible. cost $55 Leaves January 17th 10 :30pm (from Gutterson Field on UVM campus) Returns early January 19th Call confirm a seat on the bus 802-863-2345 x5 and bring or mail a check Peace & Justice Center, 21 Church St. Burlington, VT 05401 ----
I also have this but don't know if this is a different group sending bus(es) to DC
Central Vermont Peace has found it necessary to get a 3rd. bus for the DC rally on MLKD. If you know of anyone up there (Upper Valley) we still have about 25 seats available. If we can't fill this last bus, due to cost, we may have to cancel bus. If you know of anyone interested, please let me (Don at know ASAP


6. Sunday, Jan. 19 5:30pm at Maple St. Gallery The Righteous Movie Series presents "The Trial of Henry Kissinger" with the director to answer questions following the meeting. $5-10 donations at the door.

7. On Tuesday, January 21st, I'll (Kathleen Shepherd) be going to a meeting at the Offices of Senator Leahy. I am driving from Norwich and can take 4 other people in my car.

About 20 of us will gather and ask that Congress push President Bush to commit to the UN process and let the inspections work. We'll also be delivering a petition from hundreds of thousands of Americans with the same message: "Let the Inspections Work."

The meeting is at: 01/21/03 12:30:00 PM
199 Main St Fl 4
Burlington, VT 05401

Please join me. With only a little time, we can make a big difference.
You can sign up for the meeting online at: I hope to see you there!

Sincerely, Kathleen Shepherd -- Kathleen.K.Shepherd@Dartmouth.EDU

8. Saturday, January 25th Nonviolent Direct Action Training 12pm at Billings Student Center's North Lounge (UVM). Come learn and make plans. Whether you and/or your group is working to stop a renewed US assault on the people and land of Iraq, or militarism in Colombia and beyond under the guise of the "War on Terrorism;" or you're fighting for a fair union contract from a corporate boss, or trying to protect your food supply from becoming contaminated by genetic engineering, join us to learn how to take non-violent direct action -- proven to "get the goods" time and time again throughout our shared history of struggle.

Come be part of an afternoon non-violent direct action training, facilitated by long-time peace, environmental, and global justice activists in the Vermont activist community. Learn the essential skills for taking safe, well thought out, and effective non-violent direct action. Take advantage of a rare opportunity to learn about other shared struggles happening throughout Vermont, network, and link up with other activists in your area to take action.
FOR MORE INFO., AND TO RSVP, CONTACT: Jason Ford at ASEJ at 863-0571, or Kim Ead at the PJC at 863-2345, ext. 5.

9. Building Bridges and Dartmouth's Tucker Foundation are sponsoring former Iranian Ambassador to the United Nations, Mohammad Mahallati, to speak at Dartmouth's Filene Auditorium on Sunday January 26th at 7:30 p.m. His talk will be on "Islam and the Relationship Between Iran and the United States." Of course there will be questions and discussion after the talk. There could hardly be a more timely topic, or a more qualified speaker, at this stage in US relations with Iran and Iraq.

10. Dear Upper Valley Peace and Justice People, I am looking for volunteers to do some specific jobs at performances of the play Pam: Map of a Country. This will be a benefit for
NH Peace Action and Upper Valley Peace and Justice Group

it's about... a Vermont cleaning lady who ends up in Afghanistan with some friends. (Hey, that's a better title...)
Music and dance* of Central Asia. The performances are at 8PM, Jan. 31, Feb.1 and Feb. 2, 2PM Matinee at the Parish Players Grange Theater in Thetford. $10.
If you feel moved by the spirit of the stage and would like to help, we need: Taliban soldiers (2)**, house manager (1), and ushers (3 to 6). Also teens to park cars.
Or come just to see it and support local peace groups!!

*dance, many influences.
** two rehearsals, Sun. 1/26 (afternoon) and Thurs. 1/30 (evening)

Thanks, Duncan Nichols, 802 785 4820



FORUM & FILM: MLK Day event in Montpelier you can't miss!

The Struggle for Freedom Continues: Dr. King's Legacy for Building the Movements for Racial & Economic Justice

6-8pm, Monday, January 20th The Pavilion Building, 109 State Street (next to Statehouse) Montpelier

A showing of "At the River We Stand" - a powerful documentary which chronicles the historic events surrounding Dr. King's assassination and the 1968 Memphis Sanitation Workers Strike.

Followed by a people of color panel discussion. Participants include Frances Hubbard, retired leader of New York Local 1199/SEIU, Glenn Taulton , Alliance@IBM/CWA, Paij Wadley-Bailey, director Vermont Anti-Racism Action Team (VARAT), and Darini Nicholas, Steering Committee Vermont Workers Center.

Join us on Martin Luther King Day for this important forum for revitalizing the racial justice and labor movements today.

Lead Sponsors of this event are the Vermont Workers' Center and Haymarket People's Fund.

Other sponsors include: Peace & Justice Center, Vermont Anti-Racism Action Team, Vermont Commission on Human Rights, Vermont Livable Wage Campaign, Washington-Orange Central Labor Council AFL-CIO and Women's International League for Peace & Freedom.


MORE INFO: Call VT Workers' Center, 802-229-0009.

Vermont Worker's Center
P.O. Box 883
Montpelier, VT 05601

Vermont Workers' Rights Hotline
(Local calls: 229-0009)

Local events, meetings, etc.

hello, tomorrow we will meet specifically to discuss final plans for our "bridges for peace" action on Jan 20, Martin Luther King Jr Day. the meeting will be at the church in thetford, 7pm. the deep ecology study group meets on the 9th, and our next regular meeting is Jan 23. a couple of new local events to mention:

* the United Universalist Church of the Upper Valley is holding a public First Friday evening event Jan 3, 7:30 to show the film
"Greetings from Missile Street" and to offer folks a chance to explore options for action in an informal "coffeehouse" atmosphere. (this documentary was filmed to show the effects of sanctions on Iraq.)

* Action-Options for MLK weekend In Montpelier:

Wed., January 15: CANDLELIGHT VIGIL, 4:30 - 6 pm. Meet at City Hall. Our hope is to light up the Montpelier streets from City Hall to the Statehouse.

Fri., January 17: NOON-HOUR VIGIL, Montpelier federal building (U.S. Post Office) 12 -1 pm

Sat., January 18: PEACE MARCH AND ANTI-WAR RALLY (for those who cannot go to Washington,D.C.)
11:00 am: Gather at City Hall (Main St., Montpelier)
11:30 am: March to the Statehouse (State Street)
11:45 am - 1 pm: Speakers, Music, Sign petition to present to our federal representatives.

Sunday, January 19: SONGS OF RESISTANCE - a cultural evening honoring the life and work of Martin Luther King with Coco Kallis, Paul Miller, Helen Schneyer, Laffe Dutton, Mark Greenberg and others. Bethany Church, Main St., Montpelier, 7 pm

For more information about any of the Montpelier events call Joseph Gainza at 229 -2340 or email Sally Black at



hello, upper valley peace and justice group! this is a synopsis of yet another very lively and productive meeting last thursday, and a few choice announcements. please pay special attention to the contact info for each activity. sorry in advance for the length, but I hope you will find it interesting and inviting.

1. Bridges to Peace project update
2. street theater project
3. lawn signs are IN!
4. truth in reporting project
5. censuring Bush
6. film series
7. letter writing campaign
8. ANSWER rally in DC on MLK weekend
9. MLK day speaker at Hopkins center
10. our website
11. holiday message...

1. Bridges to Peace vigil is now firmly scheduled for monday, the 20th of Jan, 12-1pm. the vigil is envisioned as being a bi-statewide event, spanning as many bridges linking VT and NH as possible. if you want to be responsible for a specific bridge (we are trying to stick to ones with sidewalks) or participate in getting other groups involved or help with press releases or ... please, write to the contact for this "cell,"

there will be a special meeting to finalize the bridge event on 2 Jan, 7pm, thetford church (yes?).

2. street theater - the creative minds behind this activity are thinking of tagging on - as a group - to the efforts of Rooting Out Evil, a Canadian group organizing weapons inspections in the US. see the website,, if intrigued. Liz is heading up this "cell," contact her at

3. Lawn signs are in, and cheaper than expected, $2 each. we divied them up at the meeting so if you know anyone who attended you should be able to get a sign from them. if not, let me know, as I have 10 signs.

4. the truth cell is led by Wally, he and crew have done great work setting up some networking. their request for the moment is that we all go to the website and let them know (click) that we are interested in their investing energies into a campaign to insist on truthful and complete reporting. they also recommend (not sure this is exactly right...). they will also take on the local media work, advocating for a peace column, a space dedicated to coverage of peace events occurring worldwide, in the valley news. your input would be welcome!

5. the petition to censure Bush is reaching a final draft. the idea is to first send it to every senator. there is thought of using moveon for help with distributing this to constituents in every state. if you want to read the draft, contact

6. although we didn't organize this, three films with social justice themes (all by Anne Macksoud) will be shown at the Woodstock Town Hall Theater on Thursday and Friday, 23-24 Jan. watch for more details. our own film series is still an idea. if you want to help make it reality, contact this cell by writing to

7. like to participate in an organized letter-to-the-editor writing campaign? contact

8. ANSWER is organizing another BIG! rally in DC on saturday, 18 Jan. buses will be travelling from both NH and VT. here are some contacts for signing up for buses, all of which leave very late on friday and return very very early on sunday. cost: $55. must pay ahead to reserve your seat! please make contact with someone soon if you want to ride one of the buses.

* Laura Simon (these buses through burlington peace and justice center) 802/296-8318,
* Don Gray (through central VT peace in Rutland)
* Gerry Scoppettuolo (through Manchester NH ANSWER, only $45) 603/627-2507,

9. Morris Dees speaks at Hopkins center (dartmouth) on 20 Jan, in celebration of MLK day. Dees is the co-founder and chief trial counsel for the Southern Poverty Law Center, known for its legal victories against white supremacist groups, tracking hate crimes, and it's tolerance education program. He is the author of "HATE ON TRIAL: THE CASE AGAINST AMERICA'S MOST DANGEROUS NEO-NAZI," "A SEASON FOR JUSTICE," and "GATHERING STORM: AMERICA'S MILITIA THREAT." Free tickets available at the Hopkins Center box office starting Tuesday, Jan. 14 at 10 am. Four-ticket limit per person.

10. okay, just a reminder for everyone working in the new-formed cells to be sure to report your activities for posting on our own website! contact webmaster Frank,

11. this is a *personal* note of special thanks to all of you who have been coming to meetings and events over this long year. our little group has become an important source of hope for me. thanks also for your confidence in me, and now for taking up the leadership in the active cells we are just forming. what great work you are doing for the sake of peace! I am so looking forward to the new directions our group will take in the next year...
as well, thanks to all of you who faithfully read our notes and now have read to the bottom of this long one. I'll be off line for the next week!



The Deep Ecology Course: our first meeting will be Jan 9, 7pm at the thetford church. we will likely thereafter meet on the first thursday of each month, but the group will decide.

hello, upper valley peace and justice group! this is a quick between-meeting-weeks note. our next meeting is at the Norwich Library (a change of venue) on thursday 12/19, 7pm. we will be continuing our discussion about how to intensify our activities as the sounds of war preparations get louder. but for now...

1. meeting with Dean on Sunday
2. apply to be an inspector?
4. book club
5. "give the gift of peace" table

1. meet with democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean! come voice your views about peace and social justice as Dean compaigns in Lebanon this sunday, 12/14, 4pm at 1 court street (next to three tomatoes). Clif Below is organizing the event and would be glad to have you rsvp if you think you'll be there --

2. A coalition of Canadian peace groups today announced their intention to send an international team of volunteer weapons inspectors into the United States later this winter. The coalition, Rooting Out Evil, are recruiting inspectors through their newly launched website, rooting out evil Note: you will need Netscape V6+, Mozilla or Opera to view it properly, I don't know about M$. Sign up to become an Honorary Weapons Inspector! Make your town a WMD free zone. Badges, stickers coming.

3. many of you are already on the mailing list for MoveOn, but if you're not, here's a plug for signing on. this is a very credible and effective organization with thousands of "members" across the nation. they are very good at mobilizing quickly when necessary, one example being the signature ad that was published in the NY Times this week with more than 100,000 signers, all gathered in under one week. uvpjg supports their efforts -- consider visiting their website,, to see what they're all about.

4. book club news - no meeting on the 26th but will reconvene on the 23rd of Jan at the Norwich library. the book to be dicussed: tba. interested? contact Rik at:

5. anyone want to sit at the "give the gift of peace" table this saturday at the coop? we have one person but would like to have more.



1. greeting and meeting info
2. give the gift of peace
3. send Bernie to Bagdhad


1. hello, upper valley peace and justice group. this is meant to be a quick update, a longer one to follow our meeting tomorrow. that's right, TOMORROW! although we usually meet on 1st and 3rd thursdays each month, tomorrow is a special meeting at Kathleen Shepherd's home in Norwich. the theme is ACTION - is there anything we can do to be heard in our opposition to war against Iraq? it is a potluck and brainstorm affair. rsvp if she doesn't know you're coming and she'll send you directions.

2. our current activity is a project called, "give the gift of peace." we had a wonderful response last friday and saturday, gave away lots of literature about making tax-deductible holiday gift donations to organizations, mostly local, working for peace and social and environmental justice, pretty festive cards to make this more appealing, literature about simplifying the holidays and not over-consuming, and some bumper stickers saying, "the best things in life aren't things." thanks to Barbara Duncan and VT Earth institute all of the help. we also collected an unexpectedly large amount of cold hard cash for our own little group.
**if you would like to sit at our table at the farmers' market fair on satruday or would like to take our supplies back to the co-op or someplace else in the next few weeks, please let me know.

3. the Institute for public accuracy is considering sending a congressional delegation to Baghdad to help ensure that the public is getting a true picture of the events that are occurring there. please contact rep. Sanders if you live in VT and encourage him to particpate, as he is one who voted in opposition to the war resolution. (you can also contact rep. Bass if you live in NH... he did vote in favor of the resolution...)
Representative Bernie Sanders
2135 Rayburn House Office Bldg, Washington DC 20515-4501
Representative Charles Bass
218 Cannon House Office Bldg, Washington DC 20515-2902

vigils are all still happening! a change: Rutland is now saturdays 3:30-4:30 pm. the complete list will be in the next notice



just a reminder that tomorrow (thursday 11/21) we have a regular meeting, 7pm at the church in Thetford, and there is also a book club meeting, 7pm at the library in Norwich.
below is a brief agenda for our meeting, a local vigil guide, and an announcement about an event this saturday.

1. things to discuss tomorrow eve:
* nov 29 action - "Give the Gift of Peace" - the plan is to have a table with literature about giving donations to organizations that work for peace as gifts, the harms of overconsumption, simlifying the holidays, buying gifts that help people in third world countries, etc. we need to go over the things we've collected for this action and make a plan about where to hold it and whether to do it ongoing through the holiday season. (when the brochure on Peace Gifts is done, you can have one sent by e-mail - just ask me!)
* course on deep ecology - I have the coursebook to be reviewed by anyone at the meeting. we need to gather commitments from those who plan to participate, and decide which of our twice-monthly meetings we will give to this study. come with questions and comments. (if you might want to join the course but don't now come regularly to meetings, you will be most welcome - just let me know!)
* energy independence resolution for town meetings - we need to review these petitions (from SVFEEP) and decide if/how to distribute them in order to help this effort. they need 5% of registered voters' signatures by mid-january to get onto the docket for town meeting.
* is that all?

2. ongoing vigils - several people were disappointed that I did not list these in the last e-mail, as I usually do. well, please write these down and try to come to one or more if it interests you! here they are.
* Saturday 11:30am, west lebanon, on the grass in front of the 7-barrel brewery. plenty of signs for everyone, and lots of mixed responses. very exciting.
* Thursdays 7-8am, norwich, on the ledyard bridge. bring signs, plenty of friends among the passersby, good commaraderie (sp?).
* Fridays 12:30-1:30, dartmouth in front of collis student center, women in balck sponsors this one. wear black. both genders welcome.
* Sundays 12-1pm, west leb - in front of 7-barrel again, this one is, "Practicing Peace." no signs and be prepared to meditate for the hour, eyes closed in general.
* Sundays 1-2:30pm, woodstock, corner of Main and Pleasant streets.
* rutland - darn it all , sorry all, especially Annabelle and Don, I have lost track of the day of Rutland vigils... anyone interested in going to Rutland to attend regular weekly vigils, write to sorry.

3. saturday nov 23, peace march in manchester NH, "No Mandate for War!" beginning in Veteran's Park 2pm, walking a 1 mile loop back to the park for a rally, ending around 3:30pm. there may well be international media at this event. NH Peace Action is sponsoring this. thinking of going? carpooling?

okay. keep spirits up. working for peace is long and hard but most importantly right.



1. course on deep ecology
2. studying the current nuclear threat
3. book club
4. calendar

* today! "The US and te Arab World"
* saturday solidarity vigil to close SOA
* "no mandate for war" march 11/23
* women's peace vigil in DC 11/17-3/8

1. we discussed Barbara Duncan's offer to help us form a study group, and decided to take this on as a way of deepening our connection as a group and our commitment to the work we share. we will devote one of each of our two monthly meetings to the Deep Ecology course, beginning in January. more details as the time approaches -- everyone is welcome to join us in this course.

2. after viewing the video of Helen Caldicott's presentation on the current nuclear threat, we have decided to buy several copies of the video to promote wider viewing, and to support Dr. Caldicott's Nuclear Policy Research Institute. This institute employs a staff of research fellows and experienced public relations personnel who will develop a consistent, credible media presence to inform the U.S. public, U.S. policy-makers, and the global community about the true economic, social, political, biomedical, and moral costs of ongoing nuclear policies.

please let us know is you want to borrow the video. also, consider supporting NRPI - donations can be mailed to NPRI, 3250 Wilshire Blvd.--Suite 1400, Los Angeles, CA 90010-1438 (telephone: 213-225-5941). visit the website for more info:

what's more, here is another way to support nuclear disarmament: has info on the 10/10/10 campaign to build membership and launch a huge public awareness effort before the next presidential elections: to educate the American people about the dangers of nuclear weapons and the need for disarmament, and ultimately to reverse US nuclear policy. Sponsored by the Institute of Defense and Disarmament Studies (IDDS founded by Dr. Randall Forsberg). more on the institute and Dr Forsberg at

3. the book club WILL meet on the 21st at 7pm, Norwich library. all are welcome.

4. calendar * today! Wednesday, Nov 13, 4:30pm at the Rockefeller Center at Dartmouth "The United States and the Arab World: The Growing Crisis in Understanding." Dr. James Zogby, Founder and President, Arab American Institute. * saturday 11/16 noon - silent vigil, at the Church Street Marketplace in Burlinton, to close the School of the Americas. This event is in solidarity with the national protest against SOA at Fort Benning GA this weekend. * saturday 11/23 2pm - march to spread the message that the election results are "No Mandate for War. " beginning and ending in Veteran's Park on Elm Street, Manchester NH. * Women's Peace Vigil and Fast at Lafayette Park near the White House, beginning nov 17 and ending mar 8 (Intnl Women's Day). organizers are calling for all movement toward war with Iraq to stop. consider coming down to participate for any length of time. the vigil will end with a massive Women's Peace March on Mar 8 - consider coming to this! For more information, contact: or call Kristi Laughlin at 202-393-5016 or 415-255-7291 or Medea Benjamin at 415-235-6517.


Vermont's People's Peace Congress Nov. 23rd, from 1-4 p.m. Brattleboro, VT


1. our meeting tomorrow
2. vigil news
3. book club news
4. video on Iraq to be shown tomorrow
5. march to close SOA - nov 15-16
6. Rev Williams Sloane Coffin speaks nov 13

1. regular meeting tomorrow, thursday, 7pm at the church in thetford. on the agenda: sending liasons to coalitions and alliances, adding our voices to others'; creating discussion groups, informal and/or formal; supporting Helen Caldicott's nuclear policy institute and Dennis Kucinich's peace department; and more.

2. important change in friday vigils: due to the dark afternoons, the winter schedule is in place - NO FRIDAY VIGILS effective this week! instead saturdays 11:30-1, same location. remember all of the other regular vigils as well: sundays 12-1pm "practicing peace" meditation vigil on 12A in front of 7 barrel brewery; thursdays 7-8am on the norwich side of the ledyard bridge; fridays 12:30-1:30pm "women in black" in front of Collis student center on dartmouth campus; and sundays 1-2:30 in woodstock.

3. bookclub news: with attendance waning, this group is trying to decide how to proceed. the next meeting is thursday nov 21, 7pm at the norwich library. the book is "War on Iraq." please come if interested! and please submit feedback/advice to Rik at

4. if you are not coming to our meeting tomorrow, consider attending the showing of the video, "Greetings from Missile Street," about the current situation in Iraq (it is the video Tom Jackson showed at Hanover Meeting last fall). 7:30pm at the UU Meeting in norwich, 520 Route 5 south.

5. annual march to close the School of the Americas, training camp for Latin American terrorists in Georgia, nov 15-16. anyone going? interested in going? you might be able to drive with a youth delegation organized by NH AFSC. contact Luc Schuster, or     603.224.2407.

6. Rev. William Sloane Coffin, a local long-time peace and civil rights activist, will speak at several events in Manchester, Wednesday, Nov. 13. These include round-table discussions with clergy and peace activists, 1pm and 3 pm respectively, at First Congregational Church, 508 Union St. in Manchester. Rev. Coffin will be the guest speaker at the NH Council of Churches annual Christian Unity Dinner at the Center of New Hampshire. For information, call NH Council of Churches, 603.224.1352.

in the words of Joseph Gainza, "Working for peace takes a long time!"

ongoing vigils:
* saturdays 11:30-1 west lebanon, on the grass in front of the 7-barrel brewery.
* sundays 12-1pm, "practicing peace" silent meditation vigil in the same west leb location.
* fridays 12:30-1pm Women in Black, in front of collis student center at dartmouth.
* thursdays 7-8am on the norwich side of the ledyard bridge.
* sunday 1-2:30pm at Tribou Park in woodstock -- changed from monday evenings.

Older activities

friday 25 oct - teach ins and vigil at dartmouth college: 1:15 - rally at collis; 2:30 - faculty teach-ins; 3:15 - more teach-ins; 6 - vigil on the green. all are welcome.

saturday 26 oct - No War on Iraq! march on washington dc. to reserve a seat on the bus call Liz, 802-865-0108 and send $55 (checks made out to Peace and Jusitce center, "10/26 bus" written in memo) to Peace and Justice Center, 21 Church Street, Burlington. the bus leaves burlington at 11pm on friday night and is expected to reach McDonalds in WRJ to pick us up around 12:30. **if anyone who is going could offer a ride to a woman in Norwich please let me know**

saturday 26 oct - local solidarity marches -
* "Bridges for Peace" rally in Concord, in front of the state house, 1-4pm.
* Montpelier Speak Out - 10:30am meeting in front of city hall marching to the state house for 11:30am rally with speakers and music and more.
* peace vigil in Rutland, 4-6pm at the junction of routes 4 and 7.
* march and rally in Bradford, 10:30am gathering at Bradford Falls Boch Park and march to bradford academy for 11:30am rally.

our little group is working hard and enjoying camaraderie -- please join us at our next meeting thursday, 31 Oct, 7pm at the church in thetford. this will be a more casual meeting, pot-luck "finger foods," and viewing of the video of Helen Cauldicott's talk at St Michael's College earlier this year. costumes welcome but not necessary.

sunday 3 nov - NO WAR ON IRAQ New England rally, Boston Common, 1pm

saturday 9 nov - "messengers of peace" conference in Portsmouth, speakers include Kathy Kelly of Voices in the Wilderness, and Colleen Kelly of Sept 11 Families for Peaceful Tomorrows. 12:30-5pm at Courtyard Marriott. $25 preregistered, $28 at the door. for more info: 603-778-0310, 472-4944, or 881-5561.

somtime in early november - another visit by GWBush is expected in NH! details as they become available.

ongoing vigils:
* fridays 4:30-6pm west lebanon, on the grass in front of the 7-barrel brewery.
* sundays 12-1pm, "practicing peace" silent meditation vigil in the same west leb location.
* fridays 12:30-1pm Women in Black, in front of collis student center at dartmouth.
* thursdays 7-8am on the norwich side of the ledyard bridge.
* sunday 1-2:30pm at Tribou Park in woodstock -- this is a new time, changed from monday evenings.

all are welcome at all vigils. if you want more info about a specific vigil please let me know and I'll put you in touch with the organizer.

1. a busy weekend for activists ­ participate in one of these if you can!

* Friday-Sunday, September 27th-29th: "Visionary Vermont ­ A Planet-Planning Future Fair" sponsored by Unity Scholars and Lightgate at Lightgate in Thetford Center; donations appreciated; call (802-295-3443).

* Saturday, September 28th: "We the People Summit for Peace" at Ira Allen Chapel, University of Vermont with Congressmen Dennis Kucinich and Bernie Sanders, Steven C. Rockefeller, Ph.D., and others speaking on the congressional bill to establish a Department of Peace, as well as the proposed Peace Academy and the Earth Charter. For more info We'll be travelling together to attend the general session from 12:30-6 - please meet us at the Sharon park-and-ride if you want to join us.

* Saturday, September 28th (6:30 - 7:30 p.m.): "Statewide (NH) Emergency Vigil" at Veterans Park, Elm Street, Manchester, NH; guest speaker the Rev. Arthur Hilson of New Hope Baptist Church, Portsmouth. Driven by a sense of urgency about an impending invasion of Iraq, Peace Response NH has called an emergency vigil to express strongly-felt opposition to war. Please bring candles.

* Sunday, September 29th (5:30 p.m.): Potluck gathering hosted by Betsy Edmunds and Elizabeth Sylvester in Thetford Center to brainstorm about solutions to the Iraq crisis; call (802-785-2132) for information and directions.

2. Bush to visit NH on Saturday, October 5th! AFSC and NH Peace Action will be pulling together a strong show of resistance to war for Bush's visit. the details are not yet known but he is expected to attend a fundraiser event in Manchester NH ­ we'll keep you posted but for now keep the date open if you can.

3. Friday-Saturday, October 11-12: AFSC Conference, "Paths to a Just and Secure Future: Resisting Washington's Endless War" at Simmons College, Boston; see

4. uvpjg ads: our ad did attract some attention (notes of interest and some donations), though it was smaller than expected and somewhat hidden. we are considering editing it and re-running it in hopes that more people see it. the idea of a petition was put on hold for now; NH Peace Action is doing one soon and we might do well to gather lots of upper valley signatures and $$ and publish their petition ad in the vnews. meanwhile there was discussion about using transaction ads to get the message out through catchy slogans. other thoughts and opinions are welcome via e-mail or at the next meeting.

5. The Book Club offshoot from the UVPJG, which started last year, is resuming meetings starting at 7 pm on Monday September 30 at the Norwich Public Library. We have been reading and discussing a wide variety of books dealing the Middle East and Islam. Future monthly meetings at the same time and location will be on the fourth Thursday of each month (except for November, when we will meet on the third Thursday because of Thanksgiving). New participants are welcome! for more details about the books, contact Bernie,

6. finally, please please please take some action in the next week. It seems like a vote on a resolution giving Bush authority to initiate war in Iraq is imminent. Even if you have already called your legislators, please do it again, even if only to thank Bernie Sanders and encourage him to stay courageous. For ease I am copying the contact info for NH and VT senators and congresspeople below. Also consider calling someone else, like Colin Powell or Tom Daschel or Dick Armey ­ check our website ( for the contact info for lots of other people with power to influence. Thank you!


Gr_bar.gif 591x11