1. Poets for Peace -- saturday April 12, 7:30 at the Norwich Public Library. Ilya Kaminsky, author of MUSICA HUMANA (Chapiteau Press, 2002) and co-founder of the organization Poets for Peace, which has organized more than a hundred readings across the U.S. to raise funds for humanitarian work, will be featured in this benefit reading. Sharing the stage with Ilya Kaminsky will be Brownsville, Vermont poet Peter Money, author of FINDING IT: SELECTED POEMS (Mille Grazie Press, 2000), who will read from his own work and that of contemporary Iraqi poet Saadi Youssef, author of more than thirty books and one of the Arab world's best-loved authors. Admission to the reading is free, and donations will be encouraged to support the educational work of the Upper Valley Peace & Justice Group (us!) and the international medical-aid teams of Doctors Without Borders.

2. "A Concert for Effective Nonviolent Action," a free concert on Saturday at 4:30 at Faulkner Recital Hall in the Hop. It aims to support effective nonviolent action as well as to perform beautiful music. there will be information tables for groups working for nonviolence.

4. Saturday, April 12: Rally and Vigil in Concord
"Patriots for Peace Rally" saturday 4/12 on the sidewalk in front of the State House
3-4 p.m. Visibility action plus an open mic and possibly music. Please email info@nhpeaceaction.org if you're interested in performing. People with percussion instruments ets. are invited for the first hour.
4-5 p.m. Speakers TBA
5-6 p.m. Vigil (as normally scheduled)

3. Call for a reading of John Steinbeck's play, The Moon is Down, Sunday April 13 2pm, at the home of Antoinette Jacobson in Norwich. This play written in 1942 as a propaganda piece for the Americans and their allies against Nazi Germany is a moving account of how war brings forth war. Steinbeck wrote it as a work of fiction and chose an anonymous setting. A peace loving country is suddenly invaded. The citizens at first surprised and confused slowly turn against the invaders as they are taking away their freedom. The invaders wanting to be understood and loved bcome tight, fearful and angry...
Please come and bring your own beverage and please confirm to Ulrike.G.Von.Moltke@VALLEY.NET or phone 802-649 2205.

I [Bernie Sanders] am writing to invite you to my Town Meeting on one of the most important and least-discussed issues facing the American people: corporate control over the media and the increasing degree to which a small number of huge corporations decide what the American people see, hear and read. The meeting will be held Monday, April 14, 7:00 PM at St. Michael College in the McCarthy Arts Center. This meeting is being held in conjunction with the Department of Journalism at St. Michaelís College. Needless to say, audience participation is welcomed and encouraged. > >http://bernie.house.gov/documents/letters/20030401184923.asp > >I am delighted to announce that Michael Copps, a Commissioner with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), will be the keynote speaker at the Town Meeting. Commissioner Copps, one of the five commissioners at the FCC, has been a leading voice in our country against further deregulation of the media and has gained a national reputation for his outspoken leadership in defending freedom of expression.

1. for our meeting tonight (unless you are reading this note late wednesday...)
* discussion on media covering our activities (tabled from last meeting)
* films project ≠ what to show on the 4 Thursdays in may and june
* overview from nonviolence training
* update on DemNow! Campaign
* update on schools panels
* peace academy review
* USA Patriot Act project proposal
* discussion of attacks on peace activists in Israel and FCC changes

3. are you free tomorrow (friday) to do some bird-dogging in NH? Howard Dean will be around southern nh. Friday, April 18
PORTSMOUTH -- Gov. Howard Dean, reception at One Harbor Place, Portsmouth, 7:30 to 9 am. Coffee, donuts, and Passover macaroons. RSVP to Barbara Tsairis, 431-4999.
DURHAM - Gov. Howard Dean speaks to students at 11 am and eats lunch with UNH faculty at noon in the UNH Memorial Union Building.
EXETER --- Gov. Howard Dean meets with people at Riverwoods Home, 2 to 2:45 pm

Suggested questions:
* The Bush Administration has publicly adopted a policy of nuclear weapons superiority, developing and deploying new nuclear weapons, and using them in first strike attacks. What would you do to get our country back on the course toward non-proliferation, multi-lateral arms control, and elimination of nuclear weapons?

* The U.S. military budget now exceeds $400 billion a year, more than the world's next thirty biggest military spenders combined! Meanwhile, people here are losing medical coverage, educational opportunities, pensions, and can't find affordable housing. What would you do to balance federal spending priorities and give us real security?

* The Bush Administration's policy of pre-emptive war is not only a prescription for war without end, but also creates a dangerous precedent for regional conflicts in the Middle East, South Asia, Russia, and Africa. What would you do to un-do the damage caused by the Administration's militaristic unilateralism?

and don't forget out bird-dogging mini-workshop on thursday the 24th, 7pm at the Hanover Friends Meeting

2. meeting to discuss civil disobedience: Monday, April 21 at 7:30 at the Unitarian church on Main St. in Montpelier, in the upstairs room above the kitchen. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss CD in a context of a larger campaign. With the shooting war coming to an end, we need to talk about where we go from here and how CD might or might not be appropriate at this time. [as per Joseph Gainza and VT AFSC]

6. Democracy in Action, aka, birddogging, workshop - thursday 4/24 7pm. at Hanover Friends Meeting house. "AFSC-NH (and nhpa) has pushed birddogging to the top of their list of priorities for the period from now until next January. Getting this administration out of office and a more enlightened one in is, I feel, really the most important thing we could be doing - in the name of either peace or justice." -- Lindsay
(NOTE: If anyone needs a copy of `Tips for Bird-dogs' or if you know of anyone who wants to be added to the list serve for weekly updates on presidential candidates' schedules, please contact Cathy Haigh at 603-224-2407 or birddognh@yahoo.com. OR, To get a list of upcoming candidate appearances, to submit a bird-dogging report, or get a better idea about what it means to bird-dog, visit http://www.birddogger.org. Thanks!)

ValleyNet Swap Meet and Computer Recycling Collection 2003
Donation and Consignment drop-off Friday, April 25, 8 am to 5:30 pm Sale Saturday, April 26, 10 am to 1 pm Computer Recycling Collection Friday, April 25, 8 am to 5:30 pm Saturday, April 26, 10 am to 1 pm $5 - $10 fee per unit for computer equipment recycling Montshire Museum, Norwich, Vermont Adult admission $1 Children under 13 are admitted free. The purpose of the ValleyNet Swap Meet is to get good used computers and computer equipment out of storage and into the hands of people who can use it to connect to the Internet.

4. April 26th Anti-War Rally in Burlington in front of City Hall (this is a change from 4/19... still no details but will keep you posted...)

adoption shower for our Most Esteemed Guide & Inspirator
some friends at my office have organized an adoption shower for me [Maureen Williams] and I extend an open invitation to all of you. the date is 4/27, sunday, 7pm at the Thetford church. it is a dessert party so expect chocolate. rather than individual gifts, there is a collection underway to buy Melanie a bicycle, a helmet, and some hiking boots. money leftover from that will be donated to the orphanage in Manila.

you can also contact Alexander at 802-295-3936. he might still be looking for people to bring drinks or desserts but I'm not sure.

5. 4/28 Israeli Refusing Reserve Combat Officer to Speak in Hanover at Dartmouth College, Carpenter Hall room 13 at 4:30 pm and at Roth Center for Jewish Life, 5 Occum Ridge at 7:30 pm. Major Stav Adivi is the highest ranking officer among the 520 reserve combat officers and IDF soldiers who have signed the statement declaring their refusal to "continue to fight beyond the 1967 borders in order to dominate, expel, starve and humiliate an entire people." He believes in the existence of Israel as the national homeland for the Jewish people, and he has and will continue to work for the safety and security of Israel. He believes, however, that the occupation does not serve this goal, and he refuses to be a part of it. So far 40 of the refusers have been jailed.

" Lessons from NAFTA " A Global Exchange Speaking Tour Comes to Montpelier, Monday, April 28 At 7 PM in the Unitarian Church, Main Street (The church is located across from the town library.)






Upper Valley Peace & Justice Group Meeting
7:00p Thetford Church
















A panel discussion with
Claire Ebel (NH ACLU),
Benson Scotch (VT ACLU), and Michael Mello (VT Law School)

Thursday, May 8th, 7PM
Hanover Friends Meeting
43 Lebanon Street (opp. Hanover Co-op)

Sponsored by Upper Valley Peace and Justice Group

7. video series - 2nd and 4th thursdays in may and june (to complement our 1st and 3rd thrusday meetings) at the friends meeting in hanover. details tba... save the dates for now.

List of videos we have to show:
What I've Learned About U.S. Foreign Policy, The War Against the Third World by Frank Dorrel

The Truth and Lies of 911 (slow going) - 2 1/2 hr film

Donde Uno Nace --A short film about Vieques, PR and the struggle to get the US Navy to leave the island and stop bombing and weapons testing there.





















Songs of Peace and Justice
===== == ===== === =======
An evening of songs and poetry dedicated to creating peace and justice in our world, in our time. Open to the public.
Sunday, May 4th, 2003 7:30 - 10:00
Middle Earth Music Hall - admission Free, food and drink available for purchase.
Come join local musicians and poets for an evening of open-mic style celebration of songs about peace and justice.
To Perform: 5-15 minute timeslots can be requested by calling 802.222.5511 or by emailing songs@artbarkgallery.com. Scheduling and most current information at www.barkbark.org







"I'm Howard Dean, and I'm here to represent the Democratic wing of the Democratic party!"

(uvpjg has been specifically invited to attend this event -- here's a great birddogging opportunity! practice before tuesday, and get tips, talking points, and question suggestions from http://www.birddogger.org/ )






home_ai_title.gif 586x49
A Chapter of Amnesty International is starting in the Upper Valley and will meet the second Monday of the month at Hanover Friends Meeting House at 7:30p

For more information contact marianna@nokill.org











Father Roy Bourgeois Returns to Brattleboro!
Save the date: Tuesday, May 13 at 7:30
Where: SIT (dining room), Kipling Rd., Brattleboro, VT

Father Roy will also be speaking on May 14, Diversity Day, At Brattleboro Union High School. For more information, call (802) 257-0012

Sponsored by the Brattleboro SOAW Affinity Group and the Brattleboro Area Peace and Justice Group.