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The vast majority of this web site is very old and consequently out of date. However, since some of this is still very relevant, I don't want to delete it all and hope sporatically to add items I think important. Also note that we don't meet as a group anymore, however you can subscribe to a listserv that a few of us post to and all are welcome to.

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For Immediate Release:

Event: Gathering of Hope March and Convocation
When: September 24, 2006, 2 - 5 p.m.
Location: Statehouse lawn, Montpelier, Vermont

Lots of Hope, a new grassroots group in Vermont, will mark the UN International Day of Peace by hosting a region-wide participatory event in Montpelier on Sunday, September 24th. The event will begin at 2pm with a silent, meditative peace walk led by Buddhist monks. Speakers will include the renowned author on environmental issues, Bill McKibben of Middlebury, Vermont's former Governor and Ambassador to Switzerland, Madeleine Kunin, and, direct from the United Nations, Ramu Damodaran, the editor of the U.N. Chronicle and an activist on civil rights and other issues. There will be music, and poetry by Vermont's own David Budbill, as well.

We expect this gathering will raise public awareness of the three central issues as defined by the late Rev. William Sloane Coffin: "pandemic poverty, environmental degradation, and a world awash with weapons." Although we are inspired by Rev. Coffin, this event is completely interfaith and non-partisan in nature. Concerned citizens and working groups throughout Vermont and New Hampshire are encouraged to attend the gathering, to reflect on our collective power to initiate social change, and to take part in the ongoing work of mobilizing local communities to craft solutions that serve the common good.

Find out how you can work with others in your community to envision new solutions leading to peace and sustainability. Participate in developing a regional Framework of Action for Hope for the year ahead. Bring a banner that symbolizes what your community is doing to address poverty, environmental degradation, and the overwhelming presence of weapons in our world.

Please come to Montpelier on September 24th, and lend your talents to the ongoing work of addressing the root causes of conflict in our communities and our world. For more information, see http://www.lotsofhope.org or contact Lots of Hope at dhremote@earthlink.net

A detailed program can be downloaded or viewed (Word .doc file) at LoH_Program.doc

The Upper Valley Peace & Justice Group is affiliated with the Vermont Coalition for Peace and Justice. As we are on the border, we include members from all over the Upper Valley (of the Connecticut River), which includes Vermont and New Hampshire. We're also affiliated with Peace Response NH.

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Click above and get active if you want to live in a democracy in 2005. You can find out more information at Black Box Voting: Ballot - Tampering in the 21st Century and Flashpoints

Voices in the Wilderness

Support the humanitarian work of Kathy Kelly and Voices in the Wilderness and the human-biased information from Iraq absent in mainstream media. And counter the attacks on them by the U.S. Government.

Cost of the War in Iraq
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Cost of the War in Iraq
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To see more details, click here.


We are barraged with advertising. Journalism has become dumbed-down entertainment. The range of news analysis and debate is shrinking along with the diversity of media ownership, placing an extraordinary degree of economic and social power in a very few hands.

Click above to find out more about current new and how you can help the movement for a Free Press.

Our Vanishing Bill of Rights
The "USA Patriot Act"
and the future of liberty in America

Work for a resolution in your town or city to support the civil rights guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights and state Constitution to their citizens.

Here is some more information, tools, etc.

bird-dog (bûrd'-dôg), v. Also birddog. To observe, follow, monitor and/or seek out with persistent attention.
bird-dog•ger (bûrd'-dôg'ger), n. One who bird-dogs.
birddogger.org (bûrd'-dôg'ger-döt-ôrg), n. in action. The web site where those who bird-dog submit quotes, reports and observations regarding politicians in order to increase pressure and media coverage on select progressive issues.

(NOTE: If anyone needs a copy of `Tips for Bird-dogs' or if you know of anyone who wants to be added to the list serve for weekly updates on presidential candidates' schedules, please contact Cathy Haigh at 603-224-2407 or birddognh@yahoo.com. OR, To get a list of upcoming candidate appearances, to submit a bird-dogging report, or get a better idea about what it means to bird-dog, visit http://www.birddogger.org.

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A Chapter of Amnesty International is starting in the Upper Valley and will meet the second Monday of the month at Hanover Friends Meeting House at 7:30p

For more information contact marianna@nokill.org

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POCLAD - Program on Corporations, Law and Democracy

Corporate Crime Reporter 11/97 interview with POCLAD's Richard Grossman

www.iraqbodycount.org www.iraqbodycount.org
Note: these counts are only from reported civilian deaths: if a building is demolished with a whole family inside, there may be no bodies to count. This count does not include young Iraqi males that are required to join military.

Ongoing Vigils

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The International Day of Peace was established in 1981 by the UN General Assembly as a day devoted to promoting the ideals of peace and to giving positive evidence of the commitment to peace that exists among all nations and all people.

Join others around the world in celebrating the
International Day of Peace
by joining hands across bridges that span the Connecticut River.

International Day of Peace
September 21, 2003
3:00 - 4:00 pm

3 Bridges in the Upper Valley:

The bridge on Rte. 4 between White River Junction & West Lebanon
The Ledyard bridge on Rte 10A between Hanover & Norwich
The bridge on East Thetford Rd. between Thetford & Lyme

or gather friends at a local bridge near you, whether Connecticut River or not.

For more complete list of upcoming events and actions go to Events & Actions page. Also visit the Calender page.

Robert Riversong is available for showings of the documentary video, Hidden Wars of Desert Storm, and discussions/Q&As about the history of the US-Iraq conflict. 603-756-3347 Robert@ponds-edge.net

Depleted Uranium: A War Crime

Pictures of it's effects on Iraqi infants & children can be seen http://www.web-light.nl/VISIE/extremedeformities.html.

These pictures and opinionated editor's comments go here. For links for more information on DU see here

More information about DU:
Uranium Medical Research Centre
European Committee on Radiation Risk - indirectly related
Democracy NOW! January 30, 2003 - look in the archives

Is Bush Criminally Insane?

The Nuclear Option in Iraq
Our Nuclear Talk Gravely Imperils Us
Foreign Policy In Focus | Global Affairs Commentary | Bush's Nuclear Doctrine: From MAD to NUTS?
Katherine van Wormer: Bush and Dry Drunk Syndrome
Big Hug - evidence of Bush's sociopathic mental disease

For those wanting to do some research, here is a good source:
Dartmouth College Library U. S. Government Documents: Primary sources related to the War With Iraq
The first major section concerns the origins of the Bush Doctrine/Preemption Strategy. It includes a chronology, links to the full-text of the major policy documents and statements, and a brief narrative to guide researchers through the documents. [Ed. you can compare this to the relevant links above]
There are some sections (eResources) that appear to be only availalbe to those with Dartmouth ID (marked so), though they may be available to the public at the Dartmouth library.


This is a grassroots effort to draft Ohio Representative Dennis Kucinich for President in 2004. The word on the street (and in the media) is that he is being inundated with requests to run and is considering it. Kucinich has introduced legislation to create a cabinet-level Department of Peace. He is a truly remarkable man.

Because America Deserves Leadership With Vision

NO IRAQ WAR Lawn Signs
We're selling these lawn signs

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The World Says No to War
Saturday, February 15th 2003 Noon
New York, New York

The Upper Valley Peace and Justice Group sent a 47 person bus and a 12 person van to NYC for a very sucessful rally. The rally ended up taking over 1st, 2nd, & 3rdAvenues from about 51st Street to around 72nd

Here's some pictures

Saturday, February 15th was a world-wide day of action against the Bush Administration's proposed war on Iraq. Protests were held all over the planet in over 600 cities and countless towns.


Bush's Dream of His Supreme Court

Take Action - what happens to our planet depends on you!

Since Bush II has announced the deployment of Star Wars II, it behoves those concerned that this is a boondogle for the weapons manufacturers and will lead to a new arms race to contact your Representatives and Senators and demand this dangerous raid on the U.S. taxpayers not be funded.

It is also important to express your gratitude to those who voted against the unconstitutional ceding of war powers to an unelected pResident. Contact the potential Presidential candidates and contact the military, particularly General Franks as he will most likely be the commander of the Iraq war, and let them know the American people do not support this war and both Iraqi civilians and American troops will suffer seriously. (There are reports that more than 10,000 American troops that served in the Gulf War I have died since, and many more are seriously ill, primarily from the effects of DU and other affects related to their service.)
Less important now, but still important, contact your Representative and Senators and keep the pressure on or the support (for you fortunate Vermonters).

Write and/or call Potential Presidential Candidates for 2004

Dear Senator Kerry,

As potential supporters of your 2004 presidential candidacy, we implore you to oppose President Bush's dangerous ideology asserting a U.S. right to launch pre-emptive strikes. For his personal political gain he risks embroiling us in a global conflagration. We become more concerned and disturbed as each day passes.


[your name]
your town & state


The following is from Friends Committee on National Legislation

I am opposed to expanding the war against Iraq, and I am writing to urge your opposition, as well.

Iraq’s compliance with UN Security Council resolutions must be addressed by the Security Council through peaceful, multilateral, diplomatic means, including the resumption of UN weapons inspections, not by unilateral, preemptive U.S. military force.

I urge you to ask critical questions about the Administrations plans concerning Iraq at upcoming Senate hearings. Does Saddam Hussein pose that great and imminent a threat to the U.S. or international security? Will an expanded war advance the welfare of the Iraqi people? Will an invasion of Iraq really help to reduce terrorism or make the world safer from weapons of mass destruction? Will it help to bring to justice those involved in the attacks of September 11 or prevent future attacks? Have all the alternatives to war been exhausted? Is the U.S. willing to pay the price of fighting this war and occupying Iraq for years to come–alone? Will a U.S. attack truly lead to lasting peace and stability in the region?

I am doubtful that the Administration can provide reasonable assurances on any of these questions. I hope that as you and your colleagues consider these questions, you will conclude, as I have, that war is not the answer.

These email addresses may not be valid, if not email can be sent via web forms on their respective web sites.

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