We the People of Vermont, here assembled, recognizing the extraordinary moment which has brought us together in this our State House, do acknowledge and affirm our democratic sovereignty and declare that:

Whereas the executive branch of our federal government, under the administration of George W. Bush has, without provocation, or authorization from the United Nations Security Council, or any other constituted authority, ordered and executed a military attack on Iraq, a sovereign nation and its people;

Whereas this unauthorized and unprovoked attack, according to the UN Secretary General, violates the UN Charter and also violates the established norms of international law;

Whereas George W. Bush or any member of his administration has failed to present any credible evidence to the American people, their sovereign authority, to justify this attack;

Whereas the initiation of hostilities against the people of Iraq will place American service personnel, including Vermont men and women, in harms way and will likely cause the death and mutilation of thousands of Iraqi children, men and women;

Whereas the administration of George W. Bush has attempted to undermine the democratic structures and processes of allied and friendly nations around the world by threatening economic and political retaliation against them if the governments of those nations obey the expressed will of the majority of their citizens against a war on Iraq;

Whereas the administration of George W. Bush has failed to inform the American people of the dangers and costs associated with this unprovoked attack, and

Whereas the administration of George W. Bush has ignored repeated warnings from the Central Intelligence Agency and other bodies that an unprovoked attack on the people of Iraq will likely result in increased terrorist attacks against the people of the United States, their military personnel and diplomatic missions around the world, and against Americans conducting business or traveling abroad;

Be it therefore resolved that this assembly of citizens call for the immediate cessation of all military action against the nation and people of Iraq and for the return of all US military personnel, weapons, including weapons of mass destruction, communication equipment and means of transportation to bases located within the territory of the United States;

Be it further resolved that this assembly condemn members the administration of George W. Bush as war criminals, including, but not confined to George W. Bush, Richard Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Condolezza Rice, Colin Powell, Paul Wolfowitz, and call for their arrest and confinement until such time as can be constituted an appropriate constitutional body empowered to conduct hearings of impeachment;